Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Miracle!

A miracle occured last night. Per usual, Sam and I were laying on his bed nursing until he went to sleep. He was restless, and got up to ask for a drink of water, which I had nearby. Then, he wouldn't lay down to nurse again. "Go night-night like this!" he said, and laid down with his head near my feet. Okay, I thought, I'll go with this. "Do you want me to do anything, sweetie?" I asked, wondering how much longer he'd do this before getting down to the business of going to sleep. "Sing Little Star." "Okay, do you want me to rub your back?" "Rub back." So I rubbed his back and sang...and he was asleep in about 10 minutes! First time ever that nursing has been available during night-night, and he chose something else instead. When I told my mom about this, she asked if it hurt my feelings a little. I don't think it exactly hurt my feelings - it's more that I'm realizing that he's growing up and changing, and some things he really needed as a baby he doesn't need so much anymore, and I'm one of those things. I don't expect that suddenly he's going to stop nursing at night, but it's the beginning of a journey towards it. Sort of sad.

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