Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A trip to the park

Yesterday was a little reminder that Sam's growing up. We were at the park, and all of the kids from the preschool down the street were there, too. He played very nicely with a few of them, pointing out one girl's zipper and then helping her with it, and then sitting in the big tube with a few kids facing the side and suggesting to them that they were "watching TV," which they all agreed to. Then, the monitor yelled, "All Magnolia co-op kids - we're going now!" The kids all gathered round the little rope and grabbed on, and started walking away. "Where they going?" asked Sam. "They're going to preschool, kiddo," I answered. He looked like the most forlorn, envious little two-year old in the world. "Go with them?" "Sorry, honey, you're not in preschool yet." And we stood there and watched the big kids go back to preschool.

The trip was salvaged shortly afterwards with the arrival of Lorelai, a very cute 3 and a half year old. She loved playing with Sam, and he followed her around, star-struck. At one point, he said "hold her hand?" and tentatively reached for her hand. She looked down at his little paw and grabbed on, and they walked, swinging their arms, over to the sandbox.

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