Sunday, September 7, 2008

Playing doctor

Today I was washing the sheets on the bed and had the comforter and naked pillows in a pile on the floor. Sam, in his underwear, worked his way down under the comforter and rested his head on a pillow,smiling at me.

"Mommy's the doctor!" he said.
"Oh, are you in the hospital?"
"Are you sick?"
"Where are you sick?"
"My tummy hurts."
"Ok, let me examine you."
I pull out my pretend thermometer.
"Now, first I'm going to take your temperature. Open your mouth."
He opens wide.
"Now close it on the thermometer, aaaand...beep! It's done. Let's don't have a temperature...Let me look in your ears."
Sam turns his head.
"And say aaaahhh..."
"Yup, I think your tummy is hurting you. Here's some medicine to help it feel better."
He eats the pretend medicine.
"Now let's tuck you in and have you rest."
"My bed has wheels!"
This takes me a minute.
"Yeah! Wheels like Grammy's bed!"
Oooohh...Grammy's hospital bed! That made quite an impression during his visits.
"Are you in the hospital like Grammy?"
We continue to play this throughout the morning.

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