Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have a scar on my chest that's about an inch long. I got it when I was in about the 1st grade when I was running from a friend and decided to hide behind a door and surprise her. I got gashed across the chest by the little thingy sticking out of the door by the doorknob, and, being a kid, I didn't apply a band-aid and went swimming. Bingo, scar.

I look at it now and it always strikes me as a little comical. That part of my body is now a good 2 feet above that part of the door now, and the yoga pose I'd have to do to get them together would probably put me in traction. But there it is.

Does one ever really outgrow something that scars you, or does it just grow along with you? Maybe it surprises you after the pain has passed, or even makes you laugh to think about how it would be impossible for it to ever happen again exactly that way. Life goes on, you grow up, maybe absentmindedly run your fingers over it on occasion just to remind yourself that it's a part of you.

I guess that's how life is sometimes.

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Devin Higgins said...

Scars remind us of the pain we've suffered at various times. Another thing to consider is the hurts which linger, yet leave no visible trace. Those require more care to heal, but it's for the best that you give them the attention they need, because holding onto that pain only leads to bitterness which can spread like an infection.
But letting go is one of the hardest things we can do. I know, because I've yet to master it myself. Sometimes, though, it is better to forget than remember.