Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Death and the toddler

"Sweetie, come sit on the bed. Mommy and Daddy need to talk to you."
Sam sits down obligingly.
"It's about Fish."
"Fish went to heaven."
"So tomorrow, he won't be in his bowl anymore."
So far this is going well.
"Daddy dump him out?"
Oh boy, a hard one. How to handle the idea of a body?
"Uhhh...he went to heaven."
Yeah, just skip over that pesky detail and focus on the positive. Bodily assumption could theoretically be possible, after all.
"He's with Jesus?"
"Yes, honey, he's with Jesus."
"He's happy?"
"Yes, very happy."
"He loves you?
"Yes, honey, he still loves you very much."
And we've moved on. Not sure how much of that actually sunk in. I suppose we'll find out tomorrow when he sees the empty bowl washed in the sink. Mark and I will be having our own funeral over the toilet later tonight.

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