Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New baby

I should probably mention on here, since I've told pretty much everyone in person, that we're having a new baby in late Jan/early Feb. We've already told Sam, and he has a few questions.

"Baby will nurse?"
"Yes, honey, the baby will nurse, and you can help teach the baby." (It's so awkward avoiding pronouns all the time).
"Baby will come with us to the park?"
"Well, the baby lives in mommy's tummy right now, so the baby will go everywhere we go."
"Baby will come out and play with you?"
"Yes, the baby will play with you when they're older, but when they're really little they'll just sleep and nurse."
"Baby loves you?"
"I'm sure the baby loves you, honey."

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lindsay said...

So cute. Sam will be a great big brother! Hope we can see you guys soon!

cousin Lindsay