Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lost brain

I lost my brain last week. I rushed Sam into his swimsuit and me into mine afte rnap time, packed up and drove to the pool....only to discover that there was no open swimming time that day. No big deal - I used the locker room and we changed into our regular clothes, and headed across the street to the playroom. About an hour later, Sam says "pee-pee potty?" and then looked down alarmed and started saying, "Wet! Wet!" There was an enormous wet stain all the way down his jeans. How could his diaper have leaked that much? Well, because I didn't put one on him. That's right, he was going au naturel after I forgot to re-diaper himafter taking his swim diaper off. I wonder what the other ladies in the changing room were thinking? Hopefully something like "Wow, lucky her to have a potty trained toddler. Guess they're the no-underwear type." Well, I'm not. We're not. I just lost my brain.

However, things are much better this week. We've been working on Sam sleeping in his bed by himself, and it'sgoing really well! After a year and a half of co-sleeping (Which as a side note we love, but with a Queen size bed and a squirmy toddler it was running its course),Sam slept next to our bed on his little bed ALL NIGHT, waking up only once around 3:30 for a brief nurse, after which I crawled back into bed and fell sound asleep again. Of course, I always rejoice about stuff like this and then a week later someone gets sick, or gets teeth, or something like that and we take the proverbial two steps back. But, today I am well-rested, so I'll take it!

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