Saturday, January 19, 2008


Sam finally lets me read to him! We can lay on his bed after a nap with both of our heads on the pillow, touching slightly. I hold the book up above us and read, he turns the pages. I ask him to point ot the cat, the train, the car. "Read a book," he begs when I stop. "Gus and Sam. Read Ham. Read Oops," he requests when I ask which one. Such a sweet time.

He also reads on his own, which kills me with cuteness. He climbs up on the couch or bed and says "Blanket? Animal?" and I tuck him under a blanket and put his stuffed bear next to him, then supply him with a pile of books. He'll sit there for as long as 15 minutes turning pages and "reading" to himself. I've asked him to read to me and he'll point ot things on the page and tell me what they are. "Car. Boat. Baby." I love that for him, reading means describing what he sees. Some day, the words will tell him what to see in his imagination.

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